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IP10 crash by Capture Interface with Infinity 3-3URC

Dear Sir,

I had installed old versions Lucam software before, and I have removed them all.
I followed Release Notes to exclude all files that may cause problems.
I have done my best to remove the program cleanly.
Finally, install all the latest versions of drivers and capture interface.
Why does it still make IP10  crash?

I post some pictures for reference.
**Please understand that the error code is displayed in Chinese characters, because I cannot change it to an English system.



  • Hello.

    There doesn't appear to be anything obvious from the screen shots provided. All versions your are using are correct and we've verified that they work here. What operating system are you running? It appears you may be using Windows 7 from the images. Also, when does the crash occur? Does it trigger when clicking on a control like the Live or Capture button?

    Additionally, diagnosing hardware issues can become cumbersome on a forum like this. It may be more useful to use direct communication to be able to dig deeper into the issue more quickly. If you send an email to [email protected], we will be able to provide better assistance.
  • Hello,

    Looking more closely at the versions, it appears the API version is newer than the version installed by INFINITY software 6.5.6. To correct this, please locate the file lucamapi.dll in C:\Windows\system32. Move or delete this file and reinstall INFINITY software 6.5.6. After completing these steps, the API version should be
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