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Is there a way for IP 10 to save reports in DFQ file - including image and measurement data? Please advise, thank you.

DFQ file - How do I open a .dfq file? [Step-by-step] | FileSuffix.com


  • 2021-11-29-110727

    jfern --

    I did an IP 10 APP which generated a DFQ.  The output from IP 10 was done via the same mechanism that an ASCII TEXT FILE would be created.  The names for the KEYS and the VALUES assigned to the KEYS were output with individual lines sent to the ASCII TEXT FILE that was named .DFQ EXTENSION.

    I the work that I did, I did not see any mechanism to include an IMAGE in the DFQ FILE.  The FILE NAME for an IMAGE FILE could be saved in one of the KEYS.

    Contact me if my company and I can assist you in this effort. 

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt

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