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How can I count the number and area of larger darker cells compared to the area of smaller cells?

I have tried smart segmentation and then learning classification, but it does not pick up all of the larger darker cells, and when I get it to, it picks up too much of the background.

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    Hi Braydenx,

    I checked your images. The staining of dark cells is very weak (espesially on 3502.1.16.a.tif image)), so I had to use a custom recipe (based on low-pass filtered I-channel of YIQ) to segment dark cells, which produced an acceptable result.
    I've attached the segmentation options and Data Collector types that generate the measurements you need.

    1. Load the test image
    2. Load the attached segmentatoin options Segmentation2Classes.iqo and click Count. (both Dark and Light cells will be segmented)
    3. On the review tab load the attached Data Collector types DataCollectorTypes2Classes.adoxsd and click Collect. (data will be collected to the Data Collector)

    The results will be shown in the Data Collector table: Percent area of Dark and Light cells:

    The Measurement Stats table contains custom measurement Dark Cells Pcnt that shows the area percentage of dark cells relatively to the the area of light cells:

    You can use this recipe as starting point and tweak it, if necessary, for other images (click the Clear button in Recipe Options group and create new reference objects for 2 classes and background).



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