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Macro record issue to filter

      I met an issues when recording macro of kernel convolution top hat 5x5, passes 2. when the recording stopped, the error shows like below. Could someone please give an instruction. Thank you and have a nice day.


  • Hi StenleyH,

    I cannot reproduce your problem. When I record the filter, the following macro is generated without errors:

        Public Function NewMacro8() As SimpleScript
            NewMacro8 = New SimpleScript
            Dim doc1
            With Application.DocumentCommands.Active(NewMacro8)
            End With
            With Process.Filter.KernelsCommands.Convolution(NewMacro8)
                .Passes = 2
                .FilterName = "Top Hat 5x5"
                .Run(doc1, doc1)
            End With
        End Function

    Please check your recorded macro and see if it's different.
    Also, be sure that you use the latest version of Image-Pro (10.0.11).

  • 2021-12-29-154306

    StenleyH --

    What are the DIMENSIONS and BIT DEPTH for the IMAGE that you are working on?

    I believe that I saw something like this when I was working on a very large image or perhaps it was a high bit depth image.

    I would suggest cropping out a section of your image or converting it to a smaller bit depth and then attempting to record the macro.  If your results change and if you get CODE like that posted here by YURI then we have some more information about what is generating the issue.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt

  • Hi YuriG and mbatchelor:
              Thanks for your great help. I used IPP in another computer and the issue did not occur. I suspect it should be associated with version. Thank you and happy new year.
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