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HASP Driver not found

Hello All,

We are trying to install Image Pro Plus ver 7. We initially installed the application on a Windows 7 Enterprise Computer. It is updated to version 7.0.1. However, we cant get the Sentinel token to be detected when we start the application. We just get a pop-up "Cannot Open HASP Driver"
I have installed the "Sentinel® LDK and Sentinel HASP® Run-time Environment Installer GUI for Windows" from a different post. 
Device Manager does see the device.

Any help would be appreciated 


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    Ideally, we would like to get the application to work on a Windows 10 environment. We have another computer with Windows 10 Ent running and are getting the same issue.
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    Unfortunately, Image-Pro Plus is not compatible with Windows 10. This is a very old product and it uses a licensing system that is no longer available for updates. 

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

    Best Regards,
    Scott Reed
    Media Cybernetics
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