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APP icon click event function

Hi specialists:
         I have question about APP icon clicking. When it is clicked, the interactive panel is shown up, but how can I find the event triggering function. So when APP icon is clicked, all window can be closed. Thank you and have a nice day.


  • You can track App1.MyControl.AppLoading event.

  • Hi YuriG:
               Thanks for your excellent answer  ;)
  • Hi Yuri:
          Could you please tell the difference of these two functions? AppLoading is the event of clicking app but what is the difference to MyControl.Load? Thank you.

  • Hi Stanley,

    These are different events, you can put a breakpoint inside each of them and see when they are called. The Load even is called only once, when the project is loaded, AppLoading is called every time the app panel is showing.

  • Hi Yuri:
                Thanks, it seems the load event is triggered when app is programmed and loaded.
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