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How to make auto calibration accurate

Hi Specialist:
            Auto calibration is a great function to easy calibrate. But I am not sure how to elevate the accuracy, please give some advise.
This a stage micrometer with 100 microns per gap.

Select ROI and get the results by auto calibration.

However, each line is not aligned.  At the top, the centerline is in the right but at the bottom it turned to the left. What's wrong with it. Thank you.



  • Hi Stanley,

    The auto-calibration pattern is not supposed to be aligned, it' created based on the FFT spectrum and lacks phase info. It's displayed just for validation, you can select it and move manually to align with the marks to see how accurate it is. 

  • Hi YuriG:
                 Thanks for your answer, that sounds great. I will check further.
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