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Camera Live preview different of two versions IPP

Hi Specialist:
              I met an interesting thing. The camera live view of Image Pro Premier 10 is reverse to be seen by Image plus 7. Does someone know the reason. Thank you


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    Hi Stanley,

    Most capture interfaces include settings to flip or mirror the image for different microscope applications. In Image-Pro 10, this control would be found in the Custom Controls section on the Setting tab of the capture panel. In Image-Pro Plus 7, there are Configuration and Options buttons which typically contain these settings. If you would provide camera information detail (manufacturer, model), we may be able to provide more guidance.
  • Hi Trey: 
                Thanks for your answer. The camera applied is Lumenera Infinity 1-1M. The direction is correct to be viewed by IPP7, but I am curious why the view from IPP10 is mirrored as I just used the default settings. Could you please tell which settings to adjust? Thank you and have a nice day.
  • Hi Trey:
           I have uploaded the image. Just share with someone who has the same issue. The flip option in custom controls. Thank you.

  • Hi Stanley,

    Sure, glad you found the setting. It is typically located in the custom control section.
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