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Possible to export histogram values for a polygon or ROI only?

Hello, I cannot seem to create a histogram of intensity data for a polygon.  I tried drawing a ROI instead of the polygon.  I was able to get the histogram for the ROI, but I cannot isolate the histogram values for the ROI only.  When I used the data collector tool to export histogram values, I did a test - one data set with "Ignore ROI" checked and one unchecked.  This setting changed the appearance of the histogram and the histogram statistics, but the histogram values exported were identical for both cases (they appear to be for the entire image).  Is there a way to export the histogram values for the ROI only or to achieve this by creating a histogram for a specific polygon?  I am trying to get pixel counts at each intensity 0-255 for the green channel.  I am using Image-Pro Premiere 3D 9.2.  I also have access to Image-Pro Insight 9.1 if that makes a difference.  Thank you!

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    I just checked and it works correctly. If you draw a polygonal ROI on the image and then click the Collect button in the histogram toolbar, the histogram of ROI is sent to Data Collector (in my example the histogram has only 1 value):

    Let me know if it works for you,



  • Hi Yuri,

    Thank you for your example!  This works for me.  I think the main confusion I had was that checking the ignore ROI box immediately changes the look of the histogram and the statistics beneath it, but the histogram values on the data collector table populate the same whether or not ignore ROI is checked.  Since it was always the same, I was worried that it was for the whole image, but I see that it is always the ROI now.  Thank you again!
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