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Graph overlay load source is not formatted correctly


I drew a bunch of ROIs yesterday in Image Pro Insight 9.1 and this morning when I try to open them in the same program (or with Image Pro Premiere 3-D), I get the following error: "LoadAoiFormStoargeError: Graph overlay load source is not formatted correctly, or it is damaged."  I am getting this error on both the files I created yesterday and my backups that I had uploaded and downloaded from Dropbox.  I can open up the files and see the images (some have polygons as well), just the ROIs are missing.  Is there a setting I can adjust to recover these ROIs?  I did not get any errors while drawing or saving them yesterday.  I get the error on the same computer I drew the images and a different computer, so it is not laptop specific.  Lastly, I searched the forums and it seems there might be an issue with ROI size limit?

Thank you,

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