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Image-Pro Error events (version

Dear All,

Image-Pro 10 crashes very often in version
I checked the event log and found a lot of error from certbase.dll module.
I would like to know anyone else who has the same problem. 
And is there a way to fix this issue?



  • Hi Wesan,

    The error log shows that the error was in a timer routine. Is it a reproducible error? If yes, can you send a sequence of steps to reproduce the problem?



  • Hi Yuri,

    In Win10 system, I just open Image-Pro and close it directly.  This application error appear every time.

    Generally, just acquire or counting will crash in not fixed time. Maybe about 1 to 3 hours.
    It is possible that other components have an error first and cause crash.

  • Hi Wesan,

    Thanks for the video. We could reproduce the problem and found the reason. We will work of fixing it in the next patch, but as we've found the exception happens during the shutdown, after all settings are saved, so it doesn't cause problems to the settings or application. The exception happens cleaning up Intensity Calibrations collection, so if you don't use intensity calibrations, you can cleanup them manually, so no exception will be thrown at shutdown. Anyway, we will try to fix it in the next patch.

    Regarding other errors in your screenshots, we will need more details to reproduce them.



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