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AQ X2.2.2 - re-install on a different Win10 PC not seeing the dongle

I have AQ X2.2.2 successfully running on a WIndows 10 64bit computer. I am in process of moving the software to a different PC, this one was delivered with our Leica DM6B fluorescence microscope (windows 10 pro, 64bit, version 21H1, OS build 19043.1706)
Installation was successfull (no error messages), but when I try to run Autoquant, I get an error "No license".  The dongle is inserted. 
When I run the "Update dongle drivers" utility, I get ErrorCode 30 5 507 1503  during the  HASP SRM Run-time setup.

I then downloaded the latest HASP run-time GUI installer from Thales Group site and get an error during the HASP run-time installation: "error when starting the Sentinel License manager service with parameters 1216 1053 1. This is an internal  error.... Status code 48 5 955 1053

I tested the installation on yet another Windows 10 pro 64-bit PC, there it works.
The installation was done using and Admin account.  
Any input would be much appreciated.    
I already confirmed port 1947 is not blocked and the Firewall was off during my tests,  

Thank you!
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