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Can't connect camera in Image-Pro v10.0.12

Dear Sir,

I upgraded  IP10 version 10.0.12 in Jun.
In this version, the IP10 crashed directly when  connect to the camera.
Please find attached evtx file, the error data i package in zip file.
The capture interface  DDK program had got authorized many years ago and used to write the camera equipment we represent.
I found there have the same problem with the old camera QImaging QIClick. 
May i know is any way to make it operate normally in version 10.0.12?


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    Dear WesanSyu,

    I will contact you directly to assist with this issue.


  • Dear WesanSyu,

    I'm sorry to hear of the behavior after upgrading to version 10.0.12. In order to diagnose the issue, could we please ask for some additional information?

    What version of Image-Pro was being used before the 10.0.12 upgrade? Was it 10.0.11 or some earlier version?

    There is an application log located at C:\Users\<WindowsAccount>\AppData\Roaming\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro 64-bit\10.0.7452.12\Logs. <WindowsAccount> is the name of the Windows user account which runs Image-Pro. Could we please get the files in this folder after the error occurs and Image-Pro exits? They may be attached to this forum thread.

    Thank you for the help in obtaining this information so we may assist in diagnosing the issue further.
  • Dear Sir,

    The Image-Pro upgrade from version 10.0.11.  The test operating system is the newly installed win10 64bit. 
    Please refer the attached log files.  Thank you.

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