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Incorrect behavior of the ROI

Hi all,

as an example I use the image "Red_TRITC_10.tif" from the demo folder.

I use the following steps:
- creation of a ROI with the polygon tool
- new ROI in the previously created ROI
- activation of "Mask ROI" and "XOR ROI"

A total of two ROIs are displayed correctly and also "XOR ROI" is correctly displayed.

Further steps:
- adding the created ROIs to the feature manager
- delete the ROIs displayed on the image
- assigning the ROIs in the feature manager on the image

The problem now is that three ROIs are suddenly displayed and the "XOR ROI" display is no longer correct. Furthermore, the calculations are wrong because the "XOR ROI" area is not excluded!

What can I do to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance
Br, Friedrich

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    Yes, this appears to be a bug.  The last feature (the second ellipse) is added twice (the second time as a polygon representing the hole in the ROI).  Since it is XORed twice the doughnut effect is canceled out.  I'll enter a ticket to fix it.

    As a workaround, temporarily turn off the XOR ROIs option before adding the ROI into the Feature Manager.  This will keep the phantom 3rd feature from being placed onto the Feature Manager.  The target image can have the XOR ROI option turned on before or after the ROI is set on the image from the Feature Manager.


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    Hi Friedrich,

    I checked and it looks correct in my tests. What could happen is that the ROI options (XOR and Mask) are not activated on new image. Please try to toggle them to see if the ROI mask will be shown correctly.


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    Hi Yuri,

    the ROI options (XOR and Mask) are activated on new image. If each shape (polygon 1 and polygon 2) is assigned to the ROI individually, it works correctly. Image pro shows two shapes in Regions of Interest.

    If the ROI is assigned as a whole, it will not work properly. Now in Image Pro are three shapes in Regions of Interest displayed.

    Image Pro Version: 10.0.12 Build 7452.


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    Thank you for your workaround.

    br, Friedrich
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