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All --

I have an image that contains the circular profile of several spherical objects.

I would like to measure the diameter of the CIRCLES / SPHERES.

The problem is that the CIRCLES / SPHERES are touching each other and I am having a difficult time getting IP10 to separate the CIRCLES / SPHERES.

Here is a LOW RES version of the ORIGINAL IMAGE.

I have attached a TIF IMAGE FILE at the original resolution of 2464 x 2056 x 16 bpp monochrome.

If all goes well, the CIRCLE / SPHERE SEPARATION should result in 3 CIRCLES / SPHERES that are eligible for measurement from this image as shown here

What is the best path from ORIGINAL IMAGE to the 3 CIRCLES / SPHERES IMAGE that can be used to measure the CIRCLES / SPHERES?


-- Matt

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    Hi Matt,

    Activating "Split with Count" (Watershed) with Clean Borders flag will do the job.

    I've also attached the options.




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    Yuri --

    Thank you for the guidance on this issue.

    I believe that my attempts to use SPLIT ON COUNT were hindered by the RIDGE SIZE OPTION being ON.  Also the CLEAR BORDERS OPTION being ON is very helpful.

    My results using the IQO FILE that you sent are very good as shown below.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt

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