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Intensity Analysis

I am having extreme difficulty working even the basics of Image Pro 10.  I create ROI and use the 'Dark' option in the Count/Size menu, in the Segment sub-menu.  Even if the data collector table opens, I cannot get any kind of data into it, regardless what kinds of measurements I have selected under the the Types drop-down menu in the Measurements sub-menu of the overall Count/Size menu.  All I want is to have the general intensity information (mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum), general ROI information (perimeter and area) and percent of area within the ROI that is selected via the 'Dark' option.  I cannot find a way to get any of these.  Additionally, I cannot find any kind of manual.  Is there anything anyone can tell me regarding this issue?


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    Hi CG_UR,

    We have a Media library with large collection of tutorials : https://www.mediacy.com/support/imagepropremier/media
    Please search it to find how to record a macro, count and collect data in Data Collector.

    A brief answer is that you can activate macro recording and execute the steps of your workflow, then stop recording. 
    Note, that the best practice is to use measurement options file in the recorded macro, for example save all the measurement options (Auto-Dark) with the measurements you need to IQO file and load the file before Count when you record the macro. The same is with Data Collector, load the file with all measurements (ADOXSD) and click Collect.

  • Yuri,

    I am afraid this does not answer my question.  I have looked at the tutorials and have not found anything that answers my question.  All I want is to be able to get my data into the data collection table.  A macro is not the best answer for my current analysis.  I am not trying to count objects, just get data regarding the intensity of what is in the ROI.  I can easily create the ROI and run the analysis I want within the ROI, but I cannot get the program to output the data in any way.

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • Do you have the right measurements selected in the Data Collector types? If yes, then just click the Collect button to get all measures to Data Collector. The same command (Collect) can be executed from a macro.

    If that doesn't work, please post your macro to check.


  • It does not matter what/how many of the measurements that I have selected.  Nothing gets populated into the Data Collection table, even after I use the collect button.  I do not use a macro, as this is not the best answer for my current analysis.  
  • That's strange.

    Can you please post the screenshot of the Image-Pro with your measurements? And post IQO and ADOXSD files with the options you use. Also, what version of Image-Pro 10 do you use (you can see it in the About box)?

  • The below images are, in order, 1) the original image, 2) the image following an adjustment that extracts blue, 3) an ROI traced via the polygon of the select tab, 4) use of the dark segment under the count/size tab, resulting in the program identifying the portions of the region that are above a certain intensity threshold, 5) an attempt to select what analyses I want - some of them are checked, some of them aren't, I can't check the ones I want (ex. the region:percent area that I have highlighted), either way some of these analyses are checked and should result in some kind of measurement, 6) the resulting empty measurement table and data collector table.  IQO is not a file type supported by the attachment function here.  I do not have an ADOXSD file.  I have version 10.0.11, Build 7377, 64 bit.

  • I don't see any Count results, Measurements table is empty (you must click the Count button to segment the objects). Correspondingly the Data Collector has nothing to collect.

    Please try to click Count and ensure that you have data in the Measurements table.

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    Attached is the result of me using the count button.  The second image is what happens if I use the statistics by group of the measurement table.  Most of the information that is in the measurement table are things that I have unchecked in the types drop down menu.  Additionally, I am trying to analyze the ROI as a whole, not as individual segments.

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    Ok, now the data is there and we just should discuss what kind of measurements you want to see in the Data Collector.
    If you want to analyze ROI as a whole, then, I assume,  you are looking at "Area percentage" of dark objects, right?
    In that case you have to use "Percent Area (%)" measurement and look at the "Sum" in the statistical pane (you should not use Grouping or Grouping stats)

    You can collect statistics to Data Collector using "Measurement Stats" table:

    I've attached ADOXSD file (zipped) with the the measurements on the screenshot.

    Let me know if that's what you want to measure.


  • Yuri,

    This appears to have solved this issue.  Thank you very much for your assistance.
  • You are welcome,  I'm glad it helped!
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