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Question about zoom settings (Image Plus 7)

Hi Specialist:
                     I made a macro to capture the image and analysis. One image is live preview window with 50% zoom, the other image is captured window but 100% zoom. I can set the captured window to 50% zoom by clicking the right button but it is inconvenient as it will return to 100% next time. Have you idea how to set to make the captured window to 50% as well. Thank you.


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    Hi StanleyH,

    The macro language in IPP7 contains a function to set the image workspace window zoom:


    To set the image window zoom to 50% use below:


    You can add this function in your macro after the capture function or set a post-snap macro in the capture UI which calls this function.
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    Hi Trey:
                 Many thanks for your kind response. Just a quick introduction to the current situation. We have three systems with identical macros to inspect products. However, there exists an issue to one system that the image is snapped with 100% zoom instead of 50%. However, I find it seems not related to macro as the snap in "Video/Digital Capture Command" of the issue system is changed to 100% as well. Have you idea how to set the zoom to the "Video/Digital Capture Command" Snap. I feel it might be the cause. Any advice is welcome, thank you very much.

  • Hi StanleyH,

    The IPP7 capture does not have the ability to control to specify the captured image zoom. The only method to do this would be to add the function call mentioned previously to set the active image workspace window zoom to the macro after the capture is completed.
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