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Questions about IMAGE ribbon + ZOOM section + LOCK / UNLOCK option . . .

All --

I am having difficulty with the PREMIER equivalent to the PRO



I think I have the right option in the

    IMAGE ribbon + ZOOM section + LOCK / UNLOCK option

This PREMIER option seems to do what I want but after a bit of use, the connection between the ZOOM and PAN settings on multiple images seems to get out of sync.  The way to get things back in sync that I've found is to select / deselect various images and then the images snap back into sync.

While working to resolve this, I looked up the HELP info on this option and at


I found:

Lock:  The Lock tool allows you to temporarily disable the Zoom and Pan/Scroll tools, and you can also use it to ensure that the currently active image remains the currently active image.  This can be useful if, for example, you have achieved an ideal view of the image data and you want to preserve that view while you do other operations in Image-Pro Premier.

This does not seem to describe the LOCK / UNLOCK option that I'm using.

Questions . . .

A)  Is the losing sync issue unique to my system?
B)  Is there another LOCK option within PREMIER with the functionality described in the HELP?


-- Matt

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    I just played with 9 locked images for a while and found that when no scrollbars are visible, the zoom evens can be lost sometimes on the active image and some others, but when scrollbars are visible, that's when this functionality is mostly used, the synchronization is correct. 

    We will look at the zoom sync issue on views without scroll-bars.



  • Matt, sync functionality is available in Image Strip. Select the images you want to sync (use Ctrl-clicks) then click right mouse button and select Lock selected windows. There are also options to control what to sync. Yuri
  • Yuri --

    The functionality that you directed me to seems to be the same as the

        IMAGE ribbon + ZOOM section + LOCK / UNLOCK option

    and seems to have the same issues on my computer.

    I've got 9 versions of the same image open on my computer and after doing a bit of ZOOMING and PANNING, they are not all in sync even though they are "LOCKED" together.

    I've attached a SCREEN CAPTURE to show the symptom.


    -- Matt
  • Yuri --

    Thank you for looking into this.

    Based on your description, I think that I was triggering the issue by accessing the SCALE TO BEST FIT zoom option.

    Since this option should eliminate the SCROLLBARS (at least on the ACTIVE IMAGE), perhaps that broke the sync.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt
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