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How to auto save new images generated during batch process?

Hi all,

It seems save modified function in batch processing is only working for modified pics. Nothing happen when batch process generating new images. How can i make it auto save to a folder and named by their new name?

I found some clues in an old topic as below. but still do not know how to use &ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.FileName& into the path string. 

Anyone can help? many thanks...

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    Hi Louis,

    There are several ways to address this issue:
    1. Manually modify your macro adding a CodeCommand that would generate a new name, which will be used in SaveAs command (there are several posts on the forum that show how to do that, search for CodeCommand ) 
    2. Another solution would be to record a Quick Save For Analysis command in the end of your macro, so the image of interest will be saved with auto-generated name in TIF format (if you want JPG, use Quick Save For Publication).



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