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Looking to convert an old macro from Image Pro 7 to Image Pro 10

This macro I am wanting to convert was before my time at my company. I understand that Image Pro 7 macros are based off a separate language than Image Pro 10. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some useful resources to help me convert over this macro.


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    Please feel free to contact Technical Support (support@mediacy.com) with general questions about features and functions.

    If you need development assistance, Matthew Batchelor is a community member that may be able to assist with the update of this macro for a fee. He has a lot of experience doing this sort of update, feel free to DM him!

    -Scott Reed
    Media Cybernetics
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    Hi Alawi,

    The task of converting IP7 macros to IP10 is not simple, it cannot be done automatically and require manual rewrite of the code. In general, the macro language of IP7 is an analog of VBA and in IP10 it's VB.NET. The languages themselves are similar and could be compatible, but the Image-Pro functions in IP7 and IP10 are absolutely different.
    There is a help page with a list of equivalent functions in IP7 and IP10: https://help.mediacy.com/Image-Pro/Automation/11/html/870cdfee-5e8f-43c5-b660-8710cb5a11a6.htm, which could be used as a guidance, but it would require some programming skills to convert complex macros.
    If the steps in IP7 macro can be reproduced by using IP10 UI, then the macros can be re-created just by activating the recording and following the steps.
    But if the macros are complex, then some assistance with converting the code might be necessary, as Scott Read mentioned in the previous post.


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