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How to Turn on the ROI Feature in a Protocol


For certain experiments, it may be necessary to define a Region of Interest (ROI) on an image to either analyze a specific area of the image or to exclude an area, such as a calibration marker. The FAQ will explain how to turn on the ROI feature, available in Step 1 of a protocol. if it is not part of the default protocol.



·         Image-Pro 11 or higher

·         A license for a Protocol Collection (e.g., Cell Biology, Cell Biology Plus or Materials)


Turn on the ROI Feature

1.       Start Image-Pro.

2.       Select File/Options.

3.       In the Image-Pro Option dialog box, select Advanced/Protocols/Expert Mode.

4.       Turn on Expert Mode and press the OK button.

5.       Select the Count/Size tab and press the Protocols button.

6.       Load the protocol you would like to add an ROI to.

7.       In the upper right of the protocol dialog box, press the Copy button.

8.       Modify or change the name or other protocol information as needed.

9.       Turn on the Show ROI option, found in the middle of the dialog box.

10.   Press the OK button.

11.   The Region of Interest choice is now available and found in the third section of protocol’s

Step 1.

12.   Continue to edit the protocol as needed.

13.   On the Final step, in the Save Protocol section, press the Save As button to save the protocol for future use.

14.   Turn off Expert Mode if no longer needed.


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