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macro recorder function not working

I'm trying to use the record function to create macros but every time (regardless of the content of the macro) it generates the code then in the workbench comes up with the error 'Unexpected text, line 1 (or whatever the first line happens to be), character 8. There doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong that i can see, but I'm not a coder.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? (Using version 9.3)


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    The version 9.3 is quite old, but still should work.
    If the error is on line 1, then the problem could be not in the macro you are recording, but in the target macro project, which could be corrupted or have other errors.
    I suggest creating a new project (Automation tab, open Project Explorer) and use the context menu:

    Then make sure that the module is the recording target:

    and try again.


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