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IMAGE HISTOGRAM on MONO 16BBP vs MONO 8BBP (and MONO 12BBP) images . . .

All --

In IPP904, the STATISTICS section of the IMAGE HISTOGRAM box for a MONO 16BBP image (with intensities from 0 to 53) generated by the DISTANCE MAP FILTER report includes:

Mean: 0
St.Dev.: 0
Min: 0
Max: 53
Sum: 0

The MEAN, ST.DEV., and SUM values here are not reasonable.

When a MONO 8BBP image (with intensities from 0 to 53) is generated from the MONO 16BBP image via


then the STATISTICS within the IMAGE HISTOGRAM reports

Mean: 12.093
St.Dev.: 12.126
Min: 0
Max: 53
Sum: 640858

The MEAN, ST.DEV., and SUM values here seem reasonable.

I have attached SCREEN CAPTURES showing this behavior.

I've poked at this a bit more and going from 16BBP to 12BBP generates an image that generates STATISTICS within IMAGE HISTOGRAM but they are different than the STATS for the 8BBP image (screen capture attached) even though the pixel values were supposed to be COPIED and not SCALED.

I've done the same thing within IPP7 and the results are that the IPP7 IMAGE HISTOGRAM STATS for 16BBP, 8BBP, and 12BBP versions of the image all match the IPP9 IMAGE HISTOGRAM STATS for the 8BBP version of the image (screen capture attached).

Is there a solution for this?


-- Matt

Best Answer

  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for reporting this issue, will be fixed in 9.1.
    On the current version you can use the following macro:

        Public Sub FixImageHistogram
            Dim img As McImage = ThisApplication.ActiveImage
            Dim hist As MediaCy.IQL.Operations.McHistogram, cont As Object
            If img IsNot Nothing Then
                hist = ThisApplication.CreateOperator("McHistogram", img, "ImageHistogram")
                hist.BinCount = hist.MaxBinCount
                cont = ThisApplication.Panels.Control("ImageHistogram")
                If cont IsNot Nothing Then
                End If
            End If
        End Sub


  • NikitaRG --

    Thank you for the response and the MACRO to extract the information.  I'll integrate this into my APP ASAP.

    Thank you also for your -E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y- -H-E-L-P-F-U-L- code for accessing EXCEL from within an IPP9 APP.

    -- Matt
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