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How to combine multiple ROIs into one?

Hi Yuri,

Is there any way to combine multiple ROIs into one? These ROIs are independent and not contiguous. I want to define them as one ROI and measure it. 
example as below,

 Thank you very much for your help.


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    If you need StdDev of intensity in the combined ROI area, then the Histogram reports it:



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    What do you want to measure? All histogram and Measurement results are limited to ROIs (regardless how many of them). So the Histogram values (Mean,Max...) and Measurement stats will always give you results for all ROIs.


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    for example, i want to measure standard deviation of light intensity of the two area ROI1 and ROI2 as a collective one area. Currently, i can only get sd of each two area but i can't simply add two sd value and divided by 2. The sd is different when we seem the two area as one. how can i work this out?
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    Thank you very much!  Yuri

    I tried and it works!
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