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After merging objects, there are issues with GetFeaturePoints

Hello everyone,

My operation steps are roughly as follows: 

Click on an object with the mouse and retrieve the relevant data of this object.

Version: Image Pro 10 10.0.14

I have a question. When I merge multiple objects, the resulting merged object will be assigned a new identification number.

Public Sub test
    If ThisApplication.Images.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub

    Dim im As McImage = ThisApplication.ActiveImage
    Dim dt As McMMData = im.MeasurementsData

    If dt.SubFeatures.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub

    Dim numpt As Integer = 0
    Dim select_feat As McMMSubFeature
    Dim pt() As SINGLEPOINT

    If dt.SubFeatures.Count > 1 Then

        select_feat = select_object("Select Object", dt)

    End If

    ' Problem Here Get the number of points for the selected sub-feature
    numpt = dt.SubFeatures.Item(select_feat.FeatureIndex).GetFeatures.GetFeaturePoints(select_feat.FeatureIndex, pt)

End Sub
' Function to select an object by clicking on the workspace
Private Function select_object(prompt As String, md As McMMData) As McMMSubFeature

    Dim window1, doc1
    Dim clickedPoint As System.Drawing.PointF

    Dim sf As McMMSubFeature

    With MediaCy.Automation.Application.WindowCommands.Active(Nothing)
    End With

    With Automate.ScriptingCommands.ClickOnWorkspace(Nothing)
        .Prompt = prompt
        .SelectDocuments = True 
        .Run(window1, doc1, Nothing)

        If .Status = McCommand.TaskStatus.IsProcessed Then
            For Each sf In md.SelectedSubFeatures

        End If
    End With

    Return sf

End Function

For example

1.before the merger,the index of this object is 12.

2.After merging, the index of this object will be the second group of classes

3.cause to get the wrong object.

numpt = dt.SubFeatures.Item(select_feat.FeatureIndex).GetFeatures.GetFeaturePoints(select_feat.FeatureIndex, pt)

How can I get the data of the selected object instead of just its index number?

Waiting for a response, thank you, everyone.


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    Hi Kyle1996,

    After merging of objects a new McFeatures are created, so you cannot use the index of the feature to get it from "Subfeatures" list. You must use select_feat directly, like this:

    numpt = select_feat.GetFeatures.GetFeaturePoints(select_feat.FeatureIndex, pt)

    Test macro:

        Public Sub GetSelectedFeature
            Dim md As McMMData = ThisApplication.ActiveImage.MeasurementsData
            If md.SelectedSubFeatures.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub
            Dim select_feat As McMMSubFeature = md.SelectedSubFeatures(0)
            Dim pt As Object
        End Sub



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