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Incremental distance function issue.

Hello everyone,

I have encountered an issue with the "[Incremental distance]" operation. When the object I am measuring has a serrated or zigzag shape, certain sections fail to provide accurate measurements, as shown in the diagram below:

I need to apply the "[Shrink]" and "[Grow]" operations once in order get the correct measurements,but it's noticeable that this action affects my original pixel data(Resulting in pixel contraction & deformation). 

How can I address this problem of [Incremental distance] operation failure?

The attached image is for measurement.
Version: Image Pro 10 10.0.15

Waiting for a response, thank you, everyone.

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    Hi Kyle1996,

    Thank you for the test image, I could reproduce the issue and the problem is that the outline points at the bottom-left size are along a perfectly horizontal line and far from each other:

    The routine that calculates offsets from the sides uses the second from the end point, which causes a big offset of incremental distances from the left.
    When the outline has more points, e.g. it's not perfectly horizontal or vertical, or it's not absolutely straight, you will not see that problem. 

    We will try to fix this problem, but in a meantime you can try using some higher resolution images, so the outline will not be perfectly horizontal and has more outline points. Also you may try acquiring images at slight angle and use "Directional, Auto-Angle" incremental distance. You can also apply a low-pass filter 3x3, just to smooth the corners and then segment the sample. It will ensure that the corners have at least 2 outline points.



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    Hi Yuri,
    I understand, thank you for your response!

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