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Packaging As Encrypted Package - the license key always fails

I have problems with packaging my project as an encrypted, license key protected app. The generated license key is not accepted. I tried it with a simply dummy app but this doesn't work either. So what am I doing wrong???

I tried the exact same steps with setting the project property Compiled = True and/or Hidden = True ---> none of it worked, though.

Here are screenshots from my steps:

File > Package > As Encrypted Package

Button Click OK

Button Click Close

Menu Ribbon APPS > Open Project > DummyProject.ipx

Button Click OK

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    Hello Helga,

    The field for Serial Number should either be empty or match a real serial number that your app is targeting specifically. In that case the app will only work with the Image-Pro having that serial number, as displayed in the About Image-Pro dialog.

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    Hi Pierre,
    Thank you so much for this information. But now I need to know in what format the dongle number shall be provided. I tried the last 5 digits and the full xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx (9digits-5digits) but again neither worked. 

    And when I left the SN-field empty, the following happened:

    The debugger is moaning about the first line in the DummyProject Class, which is the button1-click-event?? That one works perfectly well in the none-encrypted, none-packaged project. 
    And it happens just after I opened the packed project DummyProject.ipx (OPEN PROJECT - button on menu ribbon) and okaying the license number input form.

    Again, I so much appreciate your help again !

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    The serial number should match exacly what is displayed in your about box, so it depends on your version but for version 11, it would be somehting like 100-000-11243.

    As for the error, you mentioned changing the project type back and forth, so I would recommend starting with a new standard project (not compiled, not hidden) with a simple app that you then package and encrypt. If that doesn't work try to remove and reinsert the button1_click.

    Finally if you still have problems, could you please let [email protected] know your version and serial number and send us the packaged project so that we can investigate further.


  • Pierre,
    Thank you for that valuable information.

    It works with a project from scratch without serial number.

    If I insert my SN and open the project, it does accept the license key though, but opens with the debugger complaining about the first line of code and also displaying the code, which should not be possible in an encrypted file, should it?

    So, I will report that problem to your support group. 

    Thank you for now.

    Regards, Helga
  • Pierre,
    Can I ask another question in this context?

    How is it possible to "unregister/unload" an encrypted app. There is only the ribbon button "OPEN PROJECT" but none that is CLOSING the PROJECT. And I couldn't find a way via the workbench, too?

    Please advice. 

    Regards, Helga
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