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I have a 3D deltavision file with 2 channels which opens as 1 file ie colours and channels merged into 1 image tab in Premier. Normally this is OK but I now need to seperate the colour channels into 2 image tabs ie deal with the channels as 2 different images. Is there an option somewhere that I haven't found to split by channel. or do I have to write an automation to do this.

Also is there an option to stop Premier from automatically creating a composite when it detects 2 colour images.



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    Hi David, 

    If you have multi-channel time series of Z stacks and select active dimension as Z (just click on Z toolbar) the gallery view will show you only frames for the given time point of the active channel. Then you can extract the frames and do Process - Combine - Maximum to get maximum intensity projection.

    If you want to create MIP for every Z stack and combine it back to a sequence, then it's a task for a macro.
    Please send me the set you work with and I will make a sample macro that will do that.




  • Hi David,

    If it's a 2-channel image set, then you can switch off Composite view in the set navigation toolbar and use Gallery view (Image Tab - Gallery) to extract active channel (Extract button).

    If it's an RGB image, then you can use Extract button on the adjust tab to extract RGB channels.


  • Hello Yuri

    Thanks that works but what I forgot to mention (sorry) was that its 3D in time and I need the time points preserving and doing it this way seems to lose the timepoints.

    What I was after was 2 images consisting of the green and red channel which maintain their 3D over time. Then I was probably going to produce an EDF for each time point. The idea is to track some green dots in 3D over time and measure the distances between them. If this proves to difficult as the image signal to noise isn't great I was going to make an EDF to preserve the timepoints and track the dots on the EDF image which will have better signal to noise. I was writing an automation to do this but got stuck with the manual steps involved.



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