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How can I get the batch processing tool for Image-Pro Plus 5.0?

I need the batch processing tool for my exam-work. But at the University, there is only Image-Pro Plus 5.0 installed. Is there any possibility to get the tool?

Thanks a lot for help.

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    You should have a Batch_Process.ipm script in your IpWin51\Scripts directory (if not, let us know and we will send you a copy). This is intended as a framework for building your own batch processing code. 

    Copy/Paste the appropriate routine from the Batch_Process.ipm file into the script file with your processing macros - I would suggest ProcessDirectory or ProcessOpenDocs as the simplest ones to work with. In that routine there are three locations marked with "***", where you insert calls to your functions: a setup, a processing macro ("DoStuff" in the example code), and finishing code. 

    ProcessDirectory will prompt for a directory of images, looping through and running your processing code on each one. ProcessOpenDocs does the same for all images open when it is run.

    The optional setup routine can include things like setting up Count/Size or the data collector, clearing the Output Window, etc. The processing macro (replace "DoStuff" with a call to your processing code!!!) makes your desired measurements and accumulates data with either Count/Size "Accumulate Count", the Data Collector, or just writing the results out. The optional finish routine can clean up or display your results. 


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