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Need help for Premier v9.1 crashes problems


Recently I installed the latest version of the Premier v9.1 and began writing some simple App and Macro. I can normally record a macro and run the macro well, also to execute my App program properly.  But it's often occurs the unexpectedly error message when I go back the Project Explorer to modify the code again. Besides, sometimes I just select different ribbons or features and do nothing. The Premier will jump an Application Usage Error message "Handle destroyed before Disconnect has been called" then close the program directly.

My computer specifications:
Win7 Pro sp1 / 32-bit
Intel Core i5-2500 CPU
.Net Framework 4.0

Is my hardware specifications not enough? Or other problems?
The Premier v9.1 crashes problems cause I can not focus on Apps development and always re-open Premier all the time.

Please help to give me suggestions or solutions!

Best reagrds,
Jims Tai


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