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How can I sort the measured Data in a Batch Process before it is collected in the Data Collector?

I wrote a Makro which measures a lot of pictures at the same time. But know there is a littel Problem. I need the measured Data sorted by the Area (polygon) for each picture. These sorted Data should than be collected in the Data Collector.
Can somebody help me?

Thanks a lot.



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    You can sort it in the UI: in the measurement Data Table using Sort radio buttons and in Data Collector just by clicking on the column header.

    Why do you need sorted values for every image? If you just want to see max or min, you can simply collect only these statistical values in Data Collector. 

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    Thanks for this answer.

    I need the max value for each picture. And in the Data collector it only shows the max for the whole sequence.
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    If I click on the column header in the Data Collector nothing happens.
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    edited January 2014
    You have to add Area(polygon)(max) measurement to data collector and you will collect Max area for every picture. I've attached the screenshot of selected measurements and also the result table with max values for every image.

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