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    Exe Name: Image-Pro Premier
    Exe Path: C:\Program Files\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro Premier 9.1\
    File Version: 9.1.5332.0

I am experiencing the following issue . . . 

** I navigate to the AUTOMATE RIBBON
** I hover over the BATCH PROCESSING button and the button turns LIGHT ORANGE indicating that the mouse is in position
** I press the BATCH PROCESSING button and the button turns DARK ORANGE indicating that the button is pressed
** I release the BATCH PROCESSING button and the button returns to the LIGHT ORANGE color and nothing else happens (namely the BATCH PROCESSING PANEL does not appear)

I experienced this yesterday and it was resolved (with the assistance of VERN in TECH SUPPORT) by deleting the

    C:\Users\Matt\AppData\Roaming\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro Premier 64-bit


Deleting the folder resolved the access problem for the BATCH PROCESSING PANEL but it caused PREMIER some amnesia about other OPTIONS and SETTINGS.

Is there a more targeted way to recover access to the BATCH PROCESSING PANEL?


-- Matt


  • Matt,

    It's hard to tell without knowing exactly what happened.Vern's suggestion effectively resets all the settings and so whatever the bad batch processing panel location was, it is forgotten like every other settings. Maybe you had it floating outside of the screen? One way to limit what is reset to the panel locations is to delete the file Matt.layout (or <IDENTITY NAME>.layout if you use identities) that you will find with a search under the folder that you deleted.

  • Matt,

    In the Options, in the "Application" group, in the "Panels layout" section, press the button to "Reset to Default".


    The Batch Processing panel may have gotten lost, somehow, before.  This will put it back to where is belongs.

  • Vern and Pierre --

    Thank you for your suggestions.  Neither of them worked.  Any other suggestions before I delete the

        C:\Users\Matt\AppData\Roaming\Media Cybernetics\Image-Pro Premier 64-bit


    Pierre --

    I'm using the same computer and monitor configuration today that I was using yesterday so I am unsure of how a panel would get beyond the boundaries of the active monitors.

    Within the


    file, the section that seems to apply to the BATCH PROCESSING PANEL is

          <bar name="Simulation,BatchMacrosPanel" dockline="0" layout="2" dockoffset="208" state="1" dockside="0" fpos="1194,172,300,571" visible="false" dockwidth="305" lastdockside="2">
              <item name="" origBar="" origPos="-1" pos="0" />

    I've got two monitors operating at 1600 x 900 as shown in the attached picture.

    Perhaps this will provide info about why the PANEL was not displaying as it should.

    After applying VERN's suggestion, there is no

        bar name="Simulation,BatchMacrosPanel"

    entry in the



    -- Matt
  • Then it may be that something else in the configuration of your batch processing panel is causing problems, if this is the case you do have to delete the folder.

  • Hi! I got a problem with image pro 7.0. There was no batch process in process toolbar. I checked the script in ipwin folder and the batch_process.ipm was there already. Does anyone know how to make  batch process show up in the toolbar?  Thanks!!!
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