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Multiple AOI Question


I am new to Image Pro so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Let me first describe my situation.  I have a behavioural experiment set up using time lapse photography to track the movement of a sea urchin in a "y shaped" tank.  The camera records the location of the urchin every minute for 3 hours (180 images per tank).

I would like to use image pro to do the following.  Take the 180 images at put them into sequence.  Select the urchin in the sequence.  Define three AOI's(three sections of the "y-shaped" tank).  Have Image Pro record the number of times the urchin is in each section.

I have been able to sequence the images, I have been able to define 3 AOI's but I can't seem to be able to label or distinguish one from the other.  I only seem to be able to label the last one created.

Is there anyone out there that could provide some tips on what I should be doing because I am getting no where fast




  • Hi Marc,

    Use Display Options panel (Select/Annotate/ Display Options) to add labels to the ROIs. This panel shows the display properties of the selected ROIs.


  • Hello Marc,

    Have you looked at the motion tracking feature? It seems to me that it could give you all the information you need to characterize the urchin motion.

  • Hi Marc,

    Another solution would be draw Measurement objects (rectangular, elliptical, ...) and not ROIs. Each measurement object will have own label and then you just measure intensity values of each object and collect it in Data Collector (you can collect it all using the "Count on sequence" menu item).
    That's actually pretty much the same as Intensity tracking, which will report you intensity graphs for every area.

    If you can segment urchin on images, then the easiest solution would be to use object tracking. It will provide you with location graphs, velocity and other parameters.

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