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Restrictions in Live Tiling


I´m using live tiling in Image Pro Premiere 9.0 to photograph tissue sections (that are rather large, about 3x3 mm) to later analyse. It works very well except that after roughly 20 images, my "screen" does not expand any more and doesn´t let me capture my whole section. The black screen around my tiled image stops expanding and only lets me take new images that can fit inside that space. Is there a maximum of pictures or a maximum size to the live tiling? Or might the problem be my computer rather than the program?

Thank you!

Best Regards Josephine Kalm, Gothenburg, Sweden

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    Hi Josephine,

    It depends on what version of Premier you are using. If you use a 32-bit version, then there is a 2GB address space limit (as for any 32-bit application). If you use 64-bit Premier, then there is no limit (it's only limited by the amount of RAM on your PC).
    If you are using 32-bit Premier, please check with tech support if 64-bit capture drivers are available for your camera, so you can switch to 64-bit application.


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