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Intensity of color units

I cant find the units that image pro plus use as default for intensity of colors . Are any units that describe intensity? How can i find out? 


  • By default, Image-Pro Plus expresses intensity measurements in terms of the actual pixel value contained in the image bitmap.  The Intensity Calibration command is used to express this value in other terms.  You would use this command if you wanted to relate intensity to optical density, or relate intensity to temperature or relate intensity to protein content, for example.

    The Intensity Calibration command is also used to establish Black and Incident levels for optical density experiments. 

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  • Hi Eva,

    The units are defined by Intensity Calibration. In most cases images don't have any intensity calibration, so the intensity is measured in gray levels.  You can create a new intensity calibration, define your own units and assign it to image if necessary.


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