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Automatic Image Compression

So, I had this posted accidentally in the General Help forum, & I just noticed my mistake, so I'm reposting it here. 

I'm just learning to use Image Pro Premier Offline 9.1, & I'd like to learn how to write my own macros. My ultimate application is probably pretty advanced, so for now I'm just trying to break the process down into simpler individual steps.

 When I open up my image files (.lifs), a bunch of multi-channel z-stack images pour out. Before I can begin working on them, the first thing I need to do is to compress the images into single channel .tiffs. Each image needs to be broken into at least two daughter images - one brightfield image & at least one fluorescent image. Manually turning off the channels I don't want, hitting "Apply", then doing an EDF, twice, for each image gets pretty time-consuming, so I'm looking for a way to automate this part of the process. I've tried using the "Record macro" feature & doing the process manually to see if the software could learn how to do this by watching me, but this doesn't seem to work. I think it might be because the software has no way to determine which image to select & which channels to turn off, but I'm honestly just guessing. I completely fumbling around in the dark with this, so any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi Grant,

    I would recommend starting from simple steps: 

    1. Activate macro recording 
    2. Do some image operations. (start from doing something on active image)

    Stop recording - analyze the macro in project workbench. It will show what kind of commands can be used for certain steps.

    You can also check out some tutorials: 
    or check apps as examples:

    There are many specific programming questions already answered on the forum, you can search for them. If you can't find anything - post your question and we will try to help you.


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