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It is possible to have the measurement of a whole class when using the segmentation tool?
I mean, if it is possible to have a measurement table of the class and the background instead of the measurement of each feature of every class.

Total Area Percent Area

Class 1 …. ….
Class 2 …. ….
Background …. ….

It would makes the work much more easier…

many thanks

best regards,

Luca Ferrantino

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    Luca, I will write to you from Technical Support.
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    Hi Luca,

    Yes, it is possible using different ways:

    1. In the Measurement table.
    You can select Group by class in the Grouping button drop-down, so all measurements will be grouped by class and show Totals, which you can define as Sum.
    You can also activate "Statistics per group" in the Stats button dropdown to see full stats per class.

    2. In the Data Collector you can collect measurements to "Measurements Class Stats" table, where you can choose any stats value for any measurement.




  • I already receive the answer by email (i wasn't sure it was the right way so i posted the question also on the forum. The right answer is written below (in case anybody could find it useful):

    "Once you count, in the Measurement Data Table turn onboth the Statistice and the Grouping.  In Statistics select “Statistics by Group”.  You can then look at the “Sum”s for the groups."

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