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New AutoQuant X 3.0.2 Released

Media Cybernetics announces the release of AutoQuant X 3.0.2

This update is complimentary for all AutoQuant X 3.x users. To upgrade your existing 3.x software, please select "Check for Updates..." from the Help Menu. If you are using AutoQuant X v3.0.0.

Please note that this Check for Updates feature requires you to run as an Administrator. Users with AutoQuant X 3.0.1 will not need to run as Administrator to check for updates.

Issues addressed in AutoQuant X 3.0.2:

- Addressed numerous exception errors that could appear when operating with one or more channels deselected
- Enhanced memory management to resolve numerous exception errors that could occur when loading or processing data
- Added "32-bit Version" or "64-bit Version" specifiers to About box

File I/O
- Improved handling of volumes larger than 2GB in size (esp. LIF and RAW volumes)
- Added support for ICS datasets comprised of more than one ICS/IDS file pair (i.e., sequence handling)
- Resolved loading errors in ND2 format
- Fixed loading of ZVI files with irregular channel indexing
- Adjusted output of TIFF datasets to avoid oversized (> 4GB) individual TIFF files
- Resolved LZW decompression issue that could cause reads from poorly-compressed data to fail
- Added image loading support for Meta ND version 2 files
- Corrected numerous meta-data errors
- Wavelengths when reading LSM
- Spatial calibration when reading ZVI
- Lens and sample refractive indices when reading and writing ICS
- Microscope modality when writing IMS

- Resolved crash when performing spherical aberration detection on large images
- Fixed an intermittent crash when processing data on high-RAM (>~32GB) machines
- Added multi-threaded processing for 2D blind deconvolution

Batch Processing
- Added output folder and "Save PSF" settings to copiable operation settings in batch
- Improved retention of settings for batched deconvolution tasks when opening tasks for review

- Corrected calculation of Pearson's and Manders' coefficients
- Improved responsiveness of colocalization GUI when operating on large datasets
- Fixed a crash that could occur when generating a colocalization image


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