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How to apply my calibration to my image?

I know it's a kind of a stupid question. I did spatial calibration and saved. When I open my image how I can apply it? It still show pixel here.




  • Hi sfh135,

    There are several ways to apply spatial calibration:
    1) Capture tab, Optical Characteristics group, select your calibration (changing system calibration) and click “Check” button
    2) Open Spatial Calibration panel (“Gear” button) or double click on the “Pixel” in the status bar, select your calibration  and click “Ruler/Check” button

  • Thank you so much Nikita!
  • By the way, the best thing to do with regards to calibrations is o save your images as TIFFs. This way the calibration stays with the image and you won't have to recalibrate every time you re-open it.

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    Hello, how can i calibrate the imagel software for take the photos in DigiMicro Profi device and then measure "Lab" value of color with image-pro plus software? And what are the scales of calibration " Lab " value in ham product?
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    Hi naaim,

    For L*a*b* measurements you need a color reference, such as Macbeth Color Checker. It's preferable that the color checker would be on the test image. Then you apply color correction based on the color checker on the test image and the reference image. After that you can measure Lab colors under the cursor (in the Color Measurements panel) or just draw areas on the image and the colors will be reported in the Measurements Table (Lab color measurements must be added to the measurements list):

    You can find more details about Image-Pro color measurements on this help page.

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