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extracting ROI with the Very Large Image Tools

A beginner's question:
I recorded a macro starting with ROI extraction from a "Very Large Image" (261 MB, RGB). The macro bugs at this first step when applied on anything else than the picture used to record the macro, with an error message saying: " This command requires an open image that is a Verly Large Image", even though the open image is indeed a large one (370 MB) .
How should the macro be corrected?
Thank you!

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  • Accepted Answer
    It looks like a problem with macro recording, image name should not be used in the macro, it's filed as a bug.

    You can fix your macro replacing 

            With Adjust.ImageCommands.Define(AM_1a)

                .Run(var1, image1)

            End With

    with this command

            With Application.DocumentCommands.Active(AM_1a)


            End With



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