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Object areas in data collector show very large values, or zero

Beginner's questions continue:

1) What is the unit of the object area in data collector? I 'd assume this is pixels but the values are much too large. I am analysing and image that is 11201 x 8133 pixels, i.e. which has a surface of ~91.106 pixels (91 millions). The detected objects, which cover about 10% of the image, have a total area of ~2.1011 (200 billions). So what is the unit for object area? Why is it so big? The smallest object detected has an area of 40 000, and a large one an area of 15 240 00.7.  I suspect this could be a reason why I cannot use the measurement range function, where the maximum threshold is "only" 10 000 000.

2) After processing more than 3 files with the macro attached, the data collector start to show only 0 for object areas. I am currently solving this problem by restarting IPP. How can I avoid this problem, is there any cache to empty? The “clear data collector” function is checked within “Count” menu.

Thank you for your help, and best regards.

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    Hi Aubin, 

    Data Collet or collects data from different sourses, if you collect Area, then it comes from Measurements module. Measurements always use spatial calibration, so the data is in calibrated units, not pixels.

    If you have thousands of objects per image, but need just statistics, I would recommend using only "Measurement Stats" table in Data  Collector. You  can collect Area (mean), Area (sum), Area (Count) and any other stats collecting only one row of data per image.




  • Thanks Yuri for your immediate answer.
    It helped me to find the "Area uncalibrated" which gives the area size in pixels, and the "Export statistics only" function.
    The use of Area uncalibrated solve the weird problems with Data collector and Measurement range.



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