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Updating settings files in projects

I'm attaching settings files to projects to make it easier to share, but I'm getting a little confused about updating those settings files and making sure the changes stick. Is there some simple step-by-step instruction to make sure settings files get updated in a packaged project?


  • David,

    The settings files are not updated automatically, so you have to re-package your project, starting from a standard project to make sure that these files are up to date. The other option is to open the project package (.IPX project packages are actually zip files) and update the files manually. Image-Pro Premier 9.1.5 will provide better tools to deal with these.

  • How do I repackage a project if it has already been packaged? 
  • If you don't have the source project anymore or if you made changes to the packaged project, you can unpack it using File|Save|Unpack Project Package.

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