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Scripting interface does not stop at breakpoints

Possible a stupid question; it seems that the run command randomly chooses whether or not to pause at breakpoints in the code. It also seems that the run command randomly chooses which sub routine or function to execute. What on earth am I doing wrong?

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    Our tech support department will contact you to diagnose the issue.

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  • Hello Nan,

    The Run button in the Project Workbench will run the currently selected macro, which is the one where the cursor is located in code view and the one containing the selection in design view (either the macro itself or one of its commands). It will then stop if it encounters a breakpoint in that macro. Note that you'll need to be in code view in order to see where the macro is stopped.

  • Hi Pierre, thanks for answering.
    I am in code view. My cursor is located within the code section I wish to run. There are multiple breakpoints strategically placed within my routines that are irreverantly ignored by the run command. Could this be a memory issue? I am working with 500MB images. 
  • thanks!
  • If you put a break point in a conditional loop, the break point will only get respected if the code actually runs through that point.  If the break is in a loop, and the loop never runs (due to logic) then the break will never run, so your macro will not break.
  • I expect that this is solved now, but I have recently experienced similar issues with breakpoints not breaking, and cleared breakpoints still breaking.
    I think it may be related to when the breakpoints are set/cleared. Whatever breakpoints are set when you save the macro and/or when you press the Load button in the ribbon are used, and any breakpoint changes you make after that don't always seem to be registered.
  • Hi Richard,

    That's an interesting observation. I have not, in fact, been able to resolve the random breakpoint adherence issue. I will test your hypothesis on my end. Thanks.

  • Hello Nan and Richard,

    We would be very interested in hearing what you find to reproduce this issue. It may very well be fixed in the latest version of the Basic interpreter but if you have steps to  reproduce, it will be extremely helpful to make sure that the problem is indeed addressed in the next version of Premier.

    Thanks for your help,

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