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Calibration and Tif file

Hello everybody

I wish you all a very happy new year.

My question:

There is a calibration linked with STGRAINS.TIF file (you can find it in the Count and size demo directory)

(you can see it with ImageJ for exemple 1 pixel = 0.0139 inch)

But when I load this image with Image-Pro Premier, the software doesn't load the calibration !

Maybe it's a setting configuration problem ?

Is someone could offer me a solution to read this calibration from the file ?

Thank you very much,



  • Hi Laurent,

    Image-Pro Premier loads calibrations only from known tags. It will load calibration properly if the image was saved by Image-Pro Plus or Premier.
    Some programs, like ImageJ, may use TIFF DPI resolution tags for calibration. In most cases Image Resolution does not really represent spatial image calibration and used just for image display.

    You can create calibration from DPI in the Spatial Calibration options dialog, use "Add | From Resolution" menu item as on the attached screenshot. It will create 100DPI calibration (0.01 inch/pix). 


  • Thank you Yuri

    This feature is very usefull... but, it's true, this is not the good calibration.


  • Yes, but what ARE the "known tags"?  

    When saving images from the microscope I can automatically apply tags, what is the right one to apply to get my spacial res to auto-import?
  • edited April 2018

    What microscope software do you use? We support images generated by major microscope manufacturers (Zeiss, Olympus, Leica, Nikon...), in this case images are loaded to Image-Pro with correct calibration.

    If you save images yourself, you can use XResolution, YResolution tags (https://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tifftags/xresolution.html ).
    Then you just need to activate "Calibrate from TIFF resolution" check box in the application options.

  • Note that the "Calibrate from TIFF resolution" will load a spatial calibration from the STGRAINS.TIF image that you referred to in your original post, since that TIF file does have XResolution and YResolution tags.
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