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Hi, I am writting an App on which the user draw regions (Measurements) and then tags manually several objects inside them.
Regions are assigned to Class1 meanwhile the manual tag are assigned to different classes (from 2 to 10).
Parent feature has been enabled.
I need to get the Area measurement and the name of each region plus the number of child tags (and the its name) of each classes present inside the regions.
region1 - Area 1000um2 - 10 objects class2 - 20 objects class3 .....
region2 - Area 2000um2 - 8 objects class2 - 12 objects class4 .....
Thank you

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    Hi Maurizio, 

    It can be done easily in Premier:

    1. Set "Class 1" as active class and draw parent objects using Measurement polygons.
    2. Switch active class to "Class 2" and add manual tag points inside parent objects.

    Add "Object:Parent" to the measurement list and set data table to "Group by Parent", it will report the number of objects in each parent. You can also get any parent measurements, including area. 

    You can then execute "Classify by group", so tags in difefrent parents will be clearly classified with different color and tag shape.
    I've attached the screenshots.




  • You can also use multiple classes for your tags, starting from Class 2. In that case set grouping by "Parent" and "Class Name" (drag Column header to Grouping pane).
    The table will report statistics per parent and per class as on the attached screenshot.

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