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Hi Yuri,
here one application where load multiple measurements on the same image is usefull:
Two or more contiguos sections of tissue (two slides) labeled with different dyes (antibody markers)
The user want to count cells on dye1 and cells on dye 2 (each one assigned to a different class).
Due to the structural similarity of the tissue regions, the anatomic areas are drawn only on a single section.
Of course the marked cells on dye1 are not visible on dye 2 and viceversa.
At the end of the evaluation the user needs to see all the counts (with the relative class labels) on one target image (can be dye1 , dye2 or anyone else) it also needs to have a new parent association of all the cells with the areas previously defined.
A part of this specific application, the possibility to manage multiple measurements can be very flexible for plenty of situations.
Ciao e grazie


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    Hi Maurizio,

    It's a very valid requirement and it will be supported in the new version. For now you can achieve this by doing following:
    1. Draw parents and tags of different classes on Image 1.
    2. Save the measurements to file M1.iqm
    3. Activate another image (channel), load measurements from M1.iqm
    4. Add new parents (in Class 1) and new classes on second image. So all objects and parent exist on one image.

    5. Optionally you can save measurements to a file and load on a new image or Image 1. The measurement file will contain all parents and measurements, so nothing will be lost.


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