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USing Live image, ROI and Threshold. At times the live image freezes.

Using Premier 9.1.2, 32bit with a Leica DFC425 camera and 7.0.2 of the IP Leica Capture driver. I have built an app that utilizes an ROI over a live image with a threshold detection mask applied. The user positions/sizes the ROI and establishes the threshold to detect the appropriate objects within the ROI and then executes the measurement process. About 90% of the time this functions as expected. However, at times when interacting with the ROI, the live image appears to be captured and stops displaying the live image, the ROI is no longer an object which can be moved or sized but the threshold histogram is still updated real-time indicating the camera image data is being received. To recover one must close the Live Preview tab and then restart the Live Preview. However this interferes with the measurement process. At one time I know there were known issues with the Live/ROI/Threshold features but thought this had been fixed in 9.1.2. I have not tried 9.1.4 but have used 9.1.2 and the 9.0 version of the capture driver with a Leica DFC450 and have not seen this problem. Could you clarify any outstanding issues related to what we have seen in this regard?


  • Hi Rod,

    Our tech support department will get in touch with you.

  • I just spoke with Vern. He was not aware of this but given the legacy nature of the hardware and the older 7.0.2 capture driver, he thought this could be the problem. However, I was hoping to hear another opinion. Who do you think might be contacting me?
  • Great Vern already took care of it! I don't really have any more clue, please let us know how it works with a newer camera.

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