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Is there a one line version to activate an image by name? like second function?

  Public Function ActivateDoc(strImgName As String) As SimpleScript
        'eg. strImg = "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Image-Pro Premier 9.1 64-bit (Shared)\Demo Images\Color\Tumor.tif"
        'eg. strImgName = "Tumor.tif"
        'eg. strImgName = doc1.Name

        ActivateDoc = New SimpleScript
        Dim var1 = strImgName, doc1

        With Application.DocumentCommands.Activate(ActivateDoc)
            .Run(var1, doc1)
        End With

    End Function

    Public Function F_ActivateDoc(strImgName As String)

        'how can I "activate" a specific image or select a specific image to process using the ThisApplication style ?


    End Function

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    Yes you can use:

        Sub Activate
    End Sub

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