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Validating Your Results

A common concern when performing deconvolution arises from the occasional appearance of a structure in a deconvolved result image that did not appear to be present in the raw image. Usually, this is a consequence of the visualization used.


By default, AutoQuant X will display images as maximum intensity projections. While this is a very useful view for getting a quick overview of what's in the stack, it can very easily obfuscate the boundaries between objects. In order to better see those boundaries, we recommend switching to a slice view (View-Slice Viewer). Objects in the raw view that seem much more blurred together in a maximum projection view will typically be easier to visually separate in the slice view.

Try setting both the raw and deconvolved images to the slice view, and then  synchronize them, using the chain-link icon at the right end of the image window toolbar image (click this in both image windows). Now, altering the scroll bar in one window will update the other to the same position. This allows a simple frame-by-frame visual comparison between the raw and deconvolved stacks that makes it considerably easier to see from where the object boundaries visible in the deconvolved result come.
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