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What is the most elegant way to extract TOTAL OBJECT AREA, TOTAL ROI AREA, and TOTAL IMAGE AREA?

All --

What is the most elegant way to extract TOTAL OBJECT AREA, TOTAL ROI AREA, and TOTAL IMAGE AREA?

I the example image attached as


he following should be true

    TOTAL ROI (GRAY and WHITE) AREA = 251001 SQ FT
    TOTAL IMAGE (BLACK, GRAY, and WHITE) AREA = 1000000.00 SQ FT

What is the most elegant way (fewest lines of code required) to extract the three AREA MEASUREMENTS above from Demo01.tif?


-- Matt

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    Hi Matt,

    Object and ROI measurements are reported in calibrated units, you have to calculate image area using calibration parameters. Here is a sample macro:

    Imports MediaCy.Addins.Measurements
    Imports MediaCy.IQL.Features
    Public Module Macros
        Public Sub PrintStats
            Dim im As McImage=ThisApplication.ActiveImage
            If im Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
            Dim md As McMMData=im.MeasurementsData
            If md.SubFeatures.Count>0 Then
                Debug.Print "Object area = " & md.SubFeatures(0).Value(eMeasures.RgnArea)
            End If
            Dim roi As McRegions=im.Aoi
            If roi.Count>0 Then
                Debug.Print "ROI area = " & roi.mRgnArea.value(0)
            End If
            Dim imArea As Double=im.Width*im.Height
            If im.SpatialCalibration IsNot Nothing Then
            End If
            Debug.Print "Image area = " & imArea
        End Sub
    End Module 



  • Here is the image.
  • Here is the image (2nd try).

  • Here is the image (3rd try).

  • The FORUM would not let me upload the TIF image with the PREMIER CALIBRATION, ROI, and OBJECT.

    Here is a JPG of the DEMO IMAGE.


    -- Matt

  • Yuri --

    I'm sorry it took me so long to respond and thank you for addressing my question and providing the code sample.

    The code you provided looks like it addresses these measurements perfectly for

        1 OBJECT in
        1 ROI in a
        1 LAYER IMAGE

    Two things . . .

    When I paste your code into the MACROS.VB of a CLEAN PROJECT, I get an error when I try to load the PROJECT.

    The error is documented within the JPG FILE I have (hopefully) attached.

    I tried adding

        Imports MediaCy.IQL.Operators
     Imports MediaCy.IQL.Operators.ImageOperators
    to the IMPORTS SECTION because I found


    Image-Pro Premier Automation Help
    MeasurementsData Method (image)

    Automation Reference ► MediaCy.IQL.Operators ► ImageOperators ► MeasurementsData(McImage)  Visual Basic   
     Declaration Syntax
    Visual Basic

    <ExtensionAttribute> _
    Public Shared Function MeasurementsData ( _
        image As McImage _
    ) As Object


    but this did not resolve the problem.

    Can you please help me resolve this issue?


    Is there an elegant way to "scale" this up to get the TOTAL OBJECT AREAS and TOTAL ROI AREAS in an image with

        X OBJECTs in
        Y ROIs

    without looping through the "individual" OBJECTS and ROIS?

    I imagine there is a way to strategically add.SUM in a couple of places (and probably delete the (0)s) that would make this happen but I need to get the basic code working first.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt

  • Yuri --

    The above code works great when embedded within an existing project.

    I'd like to follow up to know how to figure out which IMPORT is missing and generating the error in the CLEAN PROJECT though.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt

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